A day in the life…

Life has been crazy lately (as opposed to when exactly?), but I have managed to get some stuff done, and some major things have happened. Firstly the good things;

1. My youngest child is toilet trained. Granted, if it is not raining he pees on the grass instead of in the toilet, has taken to not wearing clothes at all ever, and constantly playing with his willy, but at least I am not changing his butt any more and the poops go in the toilet, so yay! Oh and if I ever get another puppy I am so down with how to toilet train it to pee on the grass.

2. I got a job (WOOOOT!). One that will pay actual money. I will not be so poor I’m looking in the bottom of the change tin to find coins and putting $5.95 worth of petrol in my car because that was all I could find.

3. My kids are all doing well. The oldest one is about to turn 11 on Monday. Which is Australia Day here, or Invasion Day (depending on your perspective). In reality it’s more like the day when every Australian gets an excuse to get drunk, talk crap about anyone who is outside the mainstream culture, and wear an Australian flag like a bogan super-cape. We call it “Abi Day” because it is her birthday, and refuse to partake in the boganism

bogans are coming

4. I am almost finished Uni summer school. Which is awesome. And I think I might just survive it. My family has been amazing, looking after my kids and helping me out so much. I don’t know what I would do without them. I have no words for that

The bad things…

1. My girlfriend has been sick. It’s been like living with a shell. She has come back to me now, but god I missed her when her eyes were empty and her words gave away her position in some far away place I couldn’t reach. It is so good to have her back. I hope she never leaves again.

2. A young person I am very close to, and who is very special to me, is unwell and in hospital. It is really heartbreaking. And anxiety ridden and I can’t stop worrying. It is never far from my mind.

3. My car got taken away, so I had to scrape together what money I could borrow from family and buy another one. I got an old Pajero. That thing is like a truck. I can’t park it to save myself so I’ve taken to parking a LONG way away and walking everywhere. It’s also spanish for ‘wanker’ so I’m told. So the car has become The Wanker.

4. Stress is eating me alive. But it’s making me fatter. How is that even possible? It is totally illogical.

5. I am doing a uni ASSignment which has me looking at Whisper and Tumblr and analysing them in terms of social theory. I am getting a little bit addicted to whisper. I am going to leave you with one of my favourites from today’s Whisper surfing…

Whisper 1

Keep it classy

and I can’t resist sharing this little “horror sex stories” gem…

Whisper 2

Because NOTHING gets in the way of family feud (I think this person needs to seriously examine if they may be batting for the wrong team, family feud over sex? Seriously?!)

And just for good measure…

Whisper 2

remember guys…

Peace out