The DIY Rainbow Movement

Hi Peeps,

I have written about the DIY rainbow movement a few times here on this blog. For example here and here. In case you’re new this year you can either back-read, or here’s a quick YouTube to get you up to speed…

The #DIY movement has been an amazing phenomenon that has united LGBTQI people and their supporters in Sydney, Australia and throughout the world. In fact some of you awesome Peeps were the first to chalk international rainbows in support of the movement. You did that because I asked you. You did that in support of me. I am eternally grateful and have shed many a tear.

The #DIY founders would like to collate the images and stories of the rainbows from around Australia and the world into a coffee table book. All proceeds from the final book will go to Twenty10, an amazing LGBTQI youth service in Sydney.

The #DIY peeps are calling for donations to make this book happen. If you would like to help please go to their website and have a look. Also you can like them on FaceBook and follow them on Twitter.

I would like to leave you with photos of some of the Rainbows I have been involved in. I wonder if I’ll make the cut into the famous book?

DIY Rainbow Parliament house

At Parliament House in Sydney


Running on the winmalee rainbow

The rainbow we chalked in my home town Winmalee.

best Winmalee rainbow road

Me and my beautiful Winmalee #DIY Rainbow crowd.

Oxford St rainbow under construction

The massive Oxford St re-chalking under construction

Oxford St rainbow

Oxford St rainbow re-created in chalk


So Peeps, this is a great cause. I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Check out the website, maybe make a donation, or buy the coffee table book when it comes out. These are the types of things that unite us across the globe. These are the kinds of things that make us human and give us soul. These are the kinds of things worth celebrating and fighting for.

Peace out


Napoleon’s Pecker has been discovered, and it’s….

Editor’s Note: Before you read this be warned….This is a post about penises. Preserved and very, very old, weird and small penises. Not the usual for a lesbian blog. Continue reading at your own risk. It is, however, incredibly interesting and both historically and anthropologically significant. Also there’s an actual penis museum. Not kidding.

Napoleon‘s pecker (member, little john, carpet snake *insert as many euphemisms as you like here*) has been discovered.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Napoleon’s ‘member’ has been preserved in a box for all this time, and it’s in keeping with the general theme of his stature (the poor dude has been dead for AGES and we’re still joking about his height. I actually had a moment of sympathy. Then promptly realised he’s dead. He doesn’t care).

The penis was rumoured to have been cut off during his autopsy in 1821 and given to a priest in Corsica (why the priest wanted Napoleon’s penis is unknown. I’m just going to leave that well alone).

In 1927 the penis was displayed in Manhattan, New York, then bought by a  French urologist for $3000 at a Paris auction in 1977.

The doctor kept the famous penis a secret and bequeathed it to his daughter. Apparently he just brought it home and put it under the desk. She was unaware of it until it was bequeathed to her.

The penis is apparently 1.5 inches long, however, that may be due to deterioration over time. I mean when dudes go swimming for a half hour there’s shrinkage so that many years in preservation can’t be good for sizing issues.

Apparently the removal of penises from prominent figures is actually a thing. It happens frequently (who knew?). Rasputin’s penis is on display in Iceland’s Penis Museum. Yep. There’s a penis museum. Don’t believe me? Click the link I embedded. My mind = blown. If someone had told me that was a thing I’d have thought there was sarcasm font required. But nope. It’s actually a thing. And guess what else? They have a gift shop. Yep. A gift shop.

Aren’t you guys glad I’m studying history this semester?!

Here’s a pic of Napoleon’s old fella, just for anthropological reasons.

Napoleon's member

I love the neat little box it’s in. Kind of like a little open casket for a little deceased item. But seriously. Eeeeew


I’m left wondering how on Earth this becomes a thing? You’re doing an autopsy on a famous guy and you just say “hey Bill, pass me that scalpel, I might just cut off his penis and chuck it in formaldehyde. It might come in handy sometime”. Really? Because that would never occur to me.

Anyway if you would like to peruse the world famous Icelandic Phallological Museum just click their logo below. It’s actually really interesting, but perhaps not a day trip you’d take the kids on.

penis museum logo

Isn’t it cute?! The logo has a cute little drawing of a penis on it. Eeeeeew

This post has been proudly brought to you by my fellow historians in my history method at uni. They are opening my mind to all the fascinating and weird things people do. Like preserving penises. That’s weird. I promise to keep you all updated with every new addition of weird. After all sharers are carers right?

For further reading see;

Napolean’s penis matches small frame: doco

Your Help Is Needed


Ok peeps, time to show what this community is all about. Let’s try and save Merry’s home. Aaaand GO!

Originally posted on Stuphblog:


Last year I met a kindred spirit when I guest posted on another blog. We bonded over our similar stories of domestic abuse, falling in love with another person who helped us realize we deserved better, and escape. As we began to talk more and more, we realized we had other things in common. We both battle depression. Our senses of humor are disturbingly similar. We have similar views on life and relationships.

I’m speaking, of course, of Merry.

She has been there for me for these past few months as I battled my demons through break up and divorce. I know I can share anything with her and not be judged. I trust her implicitly.

Our similarities do come to an end, sadly. She likes the Beatles and older music. I prefer rock and newer music. She’s jealous that my musical taste is so much cooler than hers…

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