Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

thomas and percy

The front door is old, not as in fashionably old, not even retro, but somewhere between retro cool and now (80s maybe?). I open it and walk in. The first thing I notice is the toys. So many toys. I wonder how many kids live here? Must be at least 20. All the furniture is messed up. The couch cushions are all over the floor around the base of the empty furniture. There’s toy trains and blocks and balls and fisher price everything. OUCH what the hell was that? Oh a metal train on bare feet, OMG, there’s no expletive in existence that will cover this particular pain in my foot.

Its dark. All the curtains and blinds are drawn against the heat outside. The aircon is humming on full whack. All the lights are on making it feel like night time in the middle of the day. Still it’s so much cooler inside than out there. Out there is just unbearable. If I put my hand on the glass I can feel the radiant heat.

What is that cheery music? It’s annoying, and catchy, and now I’m singing it. Aha, found it, it’s Hi5 on loop. Is that a wet towel on the floor? And a pair of PJs? and some underpants? Why are there underpants in the lounge room? Oh well. I want to sit down now. Oh wait, all the furniture is empty. I wonder why? I will sit on the floor, let me just move some of this lego, and this train, and this sippy cup. Oh look, there’s a nice floor rug under here, who would have thought? Nice photos though. All those people look really smiley and happy. Those kids are really cute. This place has a feel to it. Is it a homely feel? I think it is. This is a happy place.

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

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