I’m all for a good healthy diet and the key word here is “healthy”. It’s the healthy diets along with sensible exercise that is going to do you the most good and that’s why I frown upon those fad diets that vow to help you shed those pounds quickly and without effort. Nothing good comes without some effort, believe me.  Sure those quick fix diets sound pretty tempting, but I tell you now don’t fall prey to all of their empty promises. There are five fad diets in particular you should be aware and avoid because they have too strict of rules, there’s poor long term results, and that’s what you want is long term weight loss, and even in some cases there are nutritional deficiencies found in them.

The Five Bite Diet

This diet created by a doctor actually encourages you to lose weight by eating less. Okay, that sounds great right? However, he says there is no need to count calories instead you are to count your bites. Basically five bites to be exact. People have lost weight sure, but this diet requires that you skip the most important meal of the day and that’s breakfast. This is only a quick fix diet and generally is only temporary. It also does not give you the required calories you need to stay healthy.

So, even if you take huge bites it will probably only get you 800 calories a day which is less than half of the daily amount that we all need. Even though this diet encourages you to take a daily multivitamin, it is very likely you still will not get enough key vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. It has been shown in the past that these kinds of very low calorie diets can lead to anemia, bone loss, low energy and even lowered cognitive functions. Not a good thing.

The Raw Food Diet

Raw fruits and veggies are great, no doubt. But they are not great when that is all you have in your diet. Many think that you destroy nutrients and enzymes when you cook veggies and fruits but that’s not always the case. Yes there is a pretty good chance you’ll lose weight but there are some very negative sides to this diet. There are a lot of nutrients including protein you will miss out on if you go on this diet. You will also miss out on iron, calcium and important minerals.

Also, in some cases it is better to cook some of your vegetables because it kills bacteria and in some cases actually will enhance the foods’ nutrients not destroy them. This is also a diet that could be hard on your digestive system. The reason for this is that plants and vegetables have what is known as cellulose and other fibrous structures and these things when raw are very difficult for our stomachs to break down. This in turn can cause bloating, constipation, indigestion, malnutrition and even a lowered immune system.

The Baby Food Diet

Are you kidding? Do you really want to eat mushy baby food? I know I don’t! You know there’s a reason why babies eat differently than we adults. They require different things than us and can’t digest food the same as we can. This diet requires that you eat 14 jars of baby food for breakfast and lunch. Hard to phantom. Eating all that an then getting far too few calories to keep you healthy. You are not going to get the right amount of fiber or protein that you need in your diet if you eat this way. You also won’t get the fat your body requires either. Sure you might lose weight with crazy diet but you will miss out on the great flavors food has to offer, develop irregular digestion issues and it will leave you unsatisfied and that could actually lead to binge eating. So definitely not a good diet to consider.

The Blood Type Diet

It’s hard to believe that doctors come up with some of this crazy stuff, but here is yet another one created by yet another doctor who actually believes that the foods we eat react with our blood type. So his diet states that if you are type A you need to be mainly vegetarian. If you are type O you need to stick with meat and avoid grains. Type B can eat a variety of different foods and type AB can eat any foods allowed for both A and B types. Really? Think I’ve heard it all now! The problem with following this diet no matter what your blood type you are going to deprive yourself of vital nutrients. And better yet, there has been no studies whatsoever to prove that this kind of ridiculous diet even helps you to lose weight!

The Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet

This is a liquid cleansing diet that is suppose to detoxify your body and then promote weight loss. It is suppose to be followed over a three to ten day period and there are three phases: ease in, the lemonade diet, and ease out. It’s the lemonade phase that is the main part of this strange diet. During this time the only food you are allowed to have is a special lemonade drink you can have six to twelve times per day.

This lemonade is made of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper which makes it a diuretic that will cause you to shed water weight, not real weight. So, you may lose weight after you are done with this fad diet but once you start eating solid food again the water weight that you lost will return really fast. This diet will not provide you with enough calories because it only gives you 600 to 1200 per day which is far below your daily needs and it can cause fatigue, nausea, dehydration and dizziness. And for what? Just a temporary loss of weight.

My advice is eat sensibly you know what’s good for you and what’s not and that’s what you need to do. Add some exercise, even if it’s just walking and you’ll be a lot better off than if you were to following one of these crazy fad diets.


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