I don’t know about you but during the winter my skin often feels a little tight and dry, I would guess yours probably does as well. This is because sometimes our skin will lose some of it’s moisture because the harsh winter can deplete it’s natural oils. This I know can be uncomfortable and can even feel worse after the skin’s been washed with even an organic soap. This is why I have use my own personal winter skin care routine that I use and would like to share it with you. This routine helps to cut down on dry skin we often get during the cold winter months.

This winter skin care routine that I use is one that only uses all natural ingredients that’s great for dry skin. It’s a really a nice routine that keeps the skin really clean, healthy and it makes it feel really good!

First Step is Cleaning Your Skin
It’s really simple I just use aloe. That’s right just pure aloe vera gel. It is not only soothing and cooling for your dry winter damaged skin but it also is a moisturizer and a cleaning agent that will clean out all the impurities that are in the skin. I just fill up a one ounce bottle with some aloe vera gel in it and then I use that each night to wash my face with instead of using soap. All you do is massage the gel into your skin and then rinse it off with some warm water. Simple as that.

Second Step is to Hydrate
For good moisture of your skin it needs to be hydrated. And for that I like to use a few spritzes of what’s called Rose hydrosol. I usually take some of this and pour about an ounce of it into a glass spray bottle and then simply dampen my skin with it. Not only does this help restore hydration to my skin but it tones it at the same time. Plus, it smells incredible!

Third Step is Moisturize
I prefer to use some avocado oil for this step. I take a glass bottle that I fill up with pure avocado oil. While my skin is still a little bit damp with the Rose hydrosol I take some of the avocado oil and massage a small amount of it into my skin. This not only works to moisturize the skin but it also serves as what is known as a humectant and that is what helps the skin retain it’s own natural moisture.

That is basically all there is to my personal skin care routine for the winter. It’s quite easy to do and it makes your face feel soft and wonderful and it gives you a beautiful glow as well. One thing I always make sure to do during the winter especially is to make sure that I carry a small bottle of Rose hydrosol spritz in my purse at all times. This way whenever my skin starts to feel dried out I just spray a little of it on my skin to help keep the moisture in. It’s also great to just use as a refreshing and great smelling body spray!

One More Thing
Here’s a little extra care for lips that I love to include as well during those colder months. That would be making my own lip balm. You can buy some small empty containers with lids and then place the homemade lip balm in these containers. Here’s the recipe that I use for this special lip balm.
•    1 oz Beeswax
•    1.5 oz Coconut oil
•    0.5 oz Shea butter
•    1 oz Jojoba oil
•    5 Drops of Orange essential oil per container
The first thing I do is measure the jojoba, butters and the beeswax by weight by using my small kitchen scale. The next thing I do is to melt the coconut oil and the beeswax in a double boiler. Once it’s melted then I add the jojoba and I stir it with a stirring rod made of glass and then take it off of the stove. Next I add the shea butter and stir it again until the butter is melted and then I add the Orange oil. Then I pour the mixture into my containers immediately. That’s all there is to it.

It’s a good idea to make sure you let them cool off before using. I usually allow for my balm to cool for several hours. Not only are these great for personal use but they make great gifts as well. Hope you love this lip balm as much as I do!

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