You know, it doesn’t have to take all day to get yourself looking beautiful. You can easily cut down on the time it takes you to get ready in the mornings by following some of my favorite beauty tips that speed up the process and still help you come out looking great and fresh to start off your day.

1.    A way to liven up the eyes you can use some gold shadow that shimmers and put it on the arches of your brows and some near the inside corner of your eyes.
2.    Try using a little layer of Vaseline for your eyelids to help keep your eye shadow lasing longer and it also gives you a nice soft glow.
3.    In order to slim down your face try using a light brown matte blush and then apply it lightly just under your cheekbones, along your jaw and on your temples.
4.    For nice plump looking lips try putting some gloss that shimmers right in the middle of your lips, this helps to create a plumper look for your lips.
5.    Have dark circles under your eyes or they are puffy because of a lousy night’s sleep? You can help that by using a peach to nude pencil to help tone things down and then apply some eye cream to help smooth down puffy lines around the eyes.
6.    Don’t have time to fix your hair fancy? Here’s a simple trick. Just braid your hair then make it into an oval shape and use a nice hair clip and clip it up. Easy as that.
7.    Make your hair smell super fresh by just spraying some perfume or cologne on your hands and then run your fingers through your hair.
8.    Want to set your hairstyle before you leave home? There’s a simple trick to that, use the cool button on your hair dryer, believe it or not, that’s actually what that option is for. By doing this you’ll be able to quickly set your style and go on your way.
9.    Don’t have time to tone up your legs by working out? Fake it by putting a line of baby oil on your calves and then rub it in. You’d be amazed how quickly your legs look nice and toned up.
10.    Fix those puffy eyes in a hurry. Just take some chilled slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes for about 5 minutes. You can also use used tea bags the same way.
11.    Keep those blisters from starting up by actually using your antiperspirant stick and rubbing it on both the sides and bottoms of your clean feet before putting your shoes on. This will keep your feet from sweating which in turn will cut down on the possibility of getting blisters.
12.    Add some foundation to your lips before putting on your lipstick and this will help keep it lasting all day long.
13.    If you are short on time and your hair is a little dirty but there’s no time to wash it, just use some baby powder, apply it with a makeup brush to the roots of your hair and it will soak up the oil and dirt quickly and easily.

These are just a few things that will not only make your face glow but will help you to feel better as well. If you feel good then you are going to look good too. These are very easy things to do and they are pretty inexpensive as well, which is a good thing if you are on a tight budget and many of us are.


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