I’ve discovered that to make your skin, eyes, lips and overall face look great and feel great, you don’t always have to use makeup to do that. In fact sometimes, I really don’t feel like having to deal with makeup, after all, makeup is intended to intensify the natural glow of our own skin. So, there are things that I like to do often to help myself look good without having to worry about putting makeup on.

One key thing that I always remember to do for my skin, especially my face, is to always make sure that I apply a good sunscreen. This is always going to help your skin look a lot more radiant throughout the day because it protects you from the sun that dries up your skin during day and it gives you a nice radiant look during the day. It’s that simple.

One thing I love to do every morning is to take a nice hot cup of water and add lemon slices to it and drink this every morning. Sometimes I even add a little lemon grass to it to add a little kick to it. Not only does this wake up your senses but it also flushes out any toxins that might be in your body. If you do this every morning, you’ll be surprised just how much more hydrated your skin will be and how much more of a natural glow you’ll have.

If you are really serious about having healthy skin and giving makeup a break then I always recommend that you exfoliate at least twice a week. This is going to open up the pores of your skin so that your skin cells can breath. When you do apply an exfoliant you need to make sure that you scrub your face well so that you can get rid of the dead skin that’s on your face. The more dead skin that remains on your face the less healthy shine you will have. A really cheap and good exfoliant that I like to use is take some cold water and baking soda and mix until you have a nice paste and use this on your face as a scrub. I usually scrub it into my skin slowly for about 15 minutes. This is also a great way to cut down on acne breakouts.

Most of us don’t realize just how delicate the skin of our faces really is. But, it is extremely susceptible to daily wear and tear. This is why I try my best to not touch my face a lot during the day. This seems to be a habit we all tend to have and it can be pretty hard to break. However, if you really want to look naturally pretty without using makeup it’s a happen that you should try to avoid.

I find that washing the skin of my face even when not wearing makeup is vital to healthy skin. I always wash my face once in the morning before going out anywhere and then once again before going to bed. I usually use a gentle face wash such as a gentle cleanser and then make sure that I include both a facial moisturizer and even an anti-aging cream. Another key thing to remember, before washing your face, always make sure to wash your hands good before.

Our lips can often be the most prominent feature on our face. This is why I find it important to pay attention to the natural look, shape and color of my lips. Our lips can get cracked and dry very easily because of changes in the weather and this is why they need special attention, especially if there’s no makeup being used.

What I do for my lips is to put a moisturizer on them every day to keep them hydrated. I sometimes even wear a sunscreen on my lips if I know that I’m going to be out in the sun for a lengthy period of time. When my lips do happen to crack, I most often use Chap Stick liberally and often to help heal them. Also, before going to bed each night I make sure that I massage my lips very gently before going to bed. This can be done gently with a toothbrush for about five minutes and then wash your lips off with water and then I usually put a good moisturizer on my lips after that.

Finally,  I’ve found that common sense helps give skin a healthy glow without any added makeup such as eating good balanced meals, drinking plenty of water every day and making sure that you always get a good nights sleep. Sleep is essential for the skin, especially the eyes that can get bags and dark circles under them due to poor sleep. The water we drink is what gives the skin cells the needed hydration to produce healthy skin cells and the food we eat gives our skin the nutrition it needs to look and remain healthy.

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